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Spanish Sage Cologne

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A rainstorm in the middle of the desert. Spanish Sage is just as refreshing, unexpected, and essential. Get lost and then get found.

Now in a 1oz. package, try our all-natural cologne made of essential oils that refreshes and subtly lingers. Harkening back to the original meaning of perfume as 'Incense to the Gods', Spanish Sage Cologne intends to be a blessing at every start of the day or on every journey, every step of the way. Always made without chemicals or synthetics, Spanish Sage scent unites the soothing element of Lavender, the grounding aroma of Myrrh, and the cleansing property of Sage.

Scent description

Myrrh, Sage, Lavender — Rainstorm in the middle of the desert. Refreshing and Soothing.

  • Free of toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients
  • All-natural cologne
  • 1 fl. oz. glass spray bottle
  • Laser-etched cherry label
  • Made by hand in Austin, TX
  • $45 MAP

May contain allergens.  Test in a small are before use.