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Simply Vanilla Mustache Wax

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This is the real deal — a truly all natural, real vanilla mustache wax. It all starts with Madagascar vanilla beans, which are consistently among the best in the world. By combining a superb vanilla absolute with a deep, rich vanilla bourbon CO2, we get everything these precious pods have to offer and blend it into Simply Vanilla, a process that takes over a month.

Just like our original Woodsman Mustache Wax, this wax has a proprietary combination of beeswax, lanolin, cocoa butter, jojoba, and fragrance gives this mustache wax a very firm hold (even in the hot Texas summers) that conditions the hair at the same time, keeping it strong and healthy.

How to apply mustache wax:

  1. Using the back of your thumbnail, scrape out a small amount of wax out from the tin. Then rub it between your thumb and pointer finger (and/or middle finger) to make it warm and pliable.
  2. One side at a time, thoroughly apply the warmed wax into your mustache via a gentle rocking and pinching motion, starting from your lip and working out towards the the tips, running “with the grain” of your stache. This method prevents breakage and pulling out hairs.
  3. Shape to your preferred style via bending, but never twisting (up, out, down… savor the experiment!).


Beeswax, Lanolin, Natural Fragrance, Cocoa Butter, & Jojoba Oil

  • 1 fl. oz. of product in a metal tin with FDA-approved coating
  • All natural and petroleum free
  • The perfect blend of stiff and strong, yet easy to apply
  • Laser-etched cherrywood label
  • Made by hand in Austin, TX
  • $16 MAP

May contain allergens.  Test in a small area before use.

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